Climate change has been a significant factor affecting frequent and sometimes intense changes in temperature causing heat waves, something that we must know how to prevent, if not learn to avoid. How can we do it? Not everyone can afford to buy aircon or have the capability to sustain paying high electricity bills due to consumption. Keeping us cold in the intense warm season is something that is a necessity nowadays especially if we have younger kids and elderlies at home, too much heat is dangerous that even a high-quality electric fan can’t support. The question is, how can we do it?

In the past years, aircon or commonly known as AC has been considered the device of the well-off, for two primary reasons, the product itself is too expensive and the utilization is costly. Something that is not achievable to everyone, which is applicable only to the can afford and the well-off. Before, not all companies manufactured aircon/AC, only the big ones, because it was expensive because there is no competition.

Thus, the creation of Arctos Portable AC came into existence, a fully Portable AC uses less than 10% of the electricity compared to conventional air conditioners. No chemicals are needed, just plain tap water and you’re all good to use it. Arctos Portable AC is the answer to what we’ve been looking for. The goal is to make an affordable, effective way to stay cool without wasting money and damaging the environment. This device is the answer to the ever-changing world caused by climate change, both beneficial to humans as well as the environment.

The future of AC is Arctos Portable AC, simple to use and low to no maintenance. In fact, we sold over 150,000 units in 2022 even prior to the start of summer. Thanks to its cooling technology, it can cool down any room in 5 minutes, with its patented Rapid Cooling System that uses water to micro-freeze the airflow into it and enjoy breezy cold air on the other side. The major thing about this device is that it is cost-efficient, it only uses a fraction of the power compared to a traditional AC, or even a regular fan. In effect everyone will enjoy using this during the hot summer months not to worry about the electricity bill for this device is cost-efficient. Surely you can use it day and night.

Nowadays, portability is something common when you think about a device. One important factor that makes this product suitable in different circumstances. It is small and easy to set up, with no messy installment instructions and costly maintenance, just fill the water tank and press the power button. It is very small compared to other portable ACs. This makes it very easy to carry around with you. The Arctos Portable AC system uses the water in the tank very efficiently, with 1 full tank lasting the whole day. The power on the battery lasts 8 hours of life, once consumed just simply plug the USB cable in to charge. It has different temperature controls to cool down any room in minutes and it is super silent, perfect for a goodnight’s sleep.

The Arctos Portable AC has 3 modes:
⦁ Cool Mode – It’s like a desktop fan, but cold
⦁ Chill Mode – This is great for smaller rooms that get hot
⦁ Freeze Mode – If you need to cool down any size room super fast

The most remarkable part about the device dealt with health benefits. Unlike the typical electric fan or air conditioners, Arctos Portable AC humidifies the air. The added moisture will help your skin, eyes, and nasal passages allotted with the dry hot summer air. With its air-filtering capability, clearing out dust particles and allergens is not a problem, especially for those living in a dry, dusty place.

Here is the primary health advantage of the product:

⦁ Air Purification Filter – Pollen, dust, and who knows what else is all floating around in the indoor air. And the indoor pollution only gets worse when you’re inside all the time. Even particles from your clothes and hair get into the air.

⦁ WATER CURTAIN – Get instant cooling by soaking the water curtain in water. The evaporation takes away the heat for pleasant cool air.

⦁ Humidifying Mist – Humidifying the air keeps the air cooler for longer. As a bonus, it also helps your breathing become more relaxed as it’s very gentle on your throat, nose, and lungs.

If you care about the environment to the extent of comfort and ease. There are ways to do that, we can use renewable energy for power or Invest in energy-efficient appliances. And using Arctos Portable AC is the best solution to this.

Compared to other portable AC in the market today based on tests and reviews conducted by Consumer Reviews Guide, only Arctos Portable AC standout amongst the others, for the following features:

⦁ Air Doctor – It also acts as a humidifier and purifier – perfect for anyone with a dry throat or sore sinuses.
⦁ Patented Technology – Arctos Portable AC uses a new way of cooling the air much more efficiently than a traditional AC.
⦁ 3 ​Different Speeds – You control the level of comfort.
⦁ Ease of use – Super easy to just refill the water tank and hit the power button.
⦁ Ultra Lightweight – The weight and smart design make it easy to carry.
⦁ Silent Mode – Arctos Portable AC is silent as a mouse making sure you don’t get distracted.
⦁ LED mood light – Choose between 5 different light modes.
⦁ Full Control – Adjust exactly how much cold air you want to pump out.

The Arctos Portable AC generated significant popularity and positive feedback in the international media as of August 4, 2022. With the remarkable responses, the company is confident in its product that they are now offering a one-time, 50% discount.

Get your Arctos Portable AC now.


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