I started hearing this music when I tuned in to Spotify and searched under Christian songs. The first instance that I keep listening, it creeps into my soul. I was emotionally struck by how the lyrics and the melody blended almost perfectly with each other. And I was amazed at the various singers who interpreted the song with so much emotion. At first, I even thought that the singers were professionals until I watched their videos on Youtube. I have this word, Wow. I didn’t even think how effortless it would be to sing the song with so much power and emotion.

What caught my attention about this song is the variety of tones. It is like everything in one, and they blended harmoniously in this incredible song. I dare you, if you listen to it, you will be hooked especially if you are a Gospel songs enthusiast. Not only that, but this will also bring you down to your emotions. I even listened to it a few times, and all I felt was teary-eyed. To be honest, I’m not the emotional type of person that is easily affected, however, this song is different. I’ll tell you, it is not your typical gospel song. There is something beyond this song, there is God in this and you will feel his presence from the start until the end.

The highlight of the song, Restored, is the chorus, especially the part where everyone sings, and it blends perfectly like it brings to heaven. You know the feeling that you have a lot of problems and when you listen to this song, it seems that God is providing you a solution in that instance. All of your burdens will come to light. All of your worries seem to disappear in a snap.

You know my story is enough. I want you to feel it. Though I can’t have it shared on Spotify I can share it here on YouTube. I hope this song will make a change in your life, a change where God is part of it.

This will be a new hymn for my spiritual soul. A lullaby whenever I feel weary. And a guide song whenever I’m lost. Thank you Shawna Edwards for creating this incredible song and this is worth sharing.


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