If you are looking for a portable, affordable and reliable wireless keyboard that is capable of connecting to several devices. This is the perfect one for you, the Logitech Multi-device Bluetooth Keyboard. You can seamlessly switch typing between 3 paired devices – laptop, phone, or tablet. This tightly designed, multi-tasking keyboard will bring portability to the next level, best for your busy day, you can work anywhere. Another excellent feature, it is highly durable and with long battery life.

Logitech K480 is your all-in-one keyboard that is created for compact and comfort, space-saving design and minimalist layout features make it stand out from the rest. All the keys you need in a compact design, which brings your mouse closer to you – less arm reaching, more comfort, and better body posture. You’ll definitely have a comfortable typing experience.

Let us check some of its prominent features. Click here for the product specs.

  • EASY TO CARRY. It’s thin, lightweight, and easy to take wherever you need to be. K480 with Bluetooth® wireless technology lets you type on your laptop, phone or tablet—with no wires or cables necessary, so you can get work done anywhere.
  • TYPE ON ANY DEVICE. Any device, any OS. The K480 connects to any Bluetooth-enabled device with external keyboard support, so you can work seamlessly with Windows®, macOS®, Chrome OS™, Android™, iOS® and iPadOS®.
  • DIAL AND SWITCH. K480 Multi-Device lets you pair with up to three devices and easily switch connections between them. All it takes is a turn of the dial to type, switch, and keep on typing.
  • VIEW AND TYPE. The built-in phone and tablet cradle keeps your screen at just the right angle so you can view it it while you type. Fits most phones and tablets up to 0.41 inches (10.5 mm) thick and 10.16 inches (258 mm) wide.
  • BUILT TO KEEP GOING. K480 is built with the same high quality and reliability standards that have made Logitech the #1 global leader for mice and keyboards. Up to 24 months of battery life4Battery life may vary based on use and computing conditions. eliminates the hassle of frequent battery changes, with a handy on/off switch and power-saving technology that preserve battery life. K480 is also spill-resistant5Tested under limited conditions (maximum of 60 ml liquid spillage). Do not immerse the keyboard in liquid. to survive small accidents.

Lenovo K480 is suitable as an alternative keyboard for your laptop/notebook if you don’t want to have them worn out. It is more expensive to replace or fix a laptop keyboard than to purchase this amazing product. Well, this is the reason I have this as my new companion for my daily freelancing jobs. Hope this will be your new buddy too. Get it now: K480 BLUETOOTH MULTI-DEVICE KEYBOARD


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