Into The Verses

Compilation of Bible Verses to know more about God’s words.

He who knows us all. Flee from your worries. 
In His time. He makes all things beautiful. In God’s perfect time.

He who heals. 

Have a heart and mind to understand. 
As long as You are always by my side, I will not have fear.
Matthew 6:26

Honor thy parents.
Surrender all our worries to Him, and He will provide tranquillity. 

God is good, all the time.
Sing and praise the Lord with all our hearts. 
Mark 11:24

God’s love is eternal. 
Help in silence, and never expect something in return. Because it is God who will give it more than want it.  #intotheverses #Bibleverses
Entrust your worries to Him and feel calm. 

Believe, not fear. He will help us.
The effort is followed by patience. We will definitely get what we want to have as God promised. 

In time, in God’s time. 
In the end, it is still with Him. 
Helping each other makes life easy.

If I’m with Him. Who can be against me? 

Live not in fear. Rather live with love and courage. 

Forgive others as God has forgiven our sins. 
Gain wisdom through simple advice.
Believe and live in abundance. 
Do good rather than hate and envy. 

Prayers are all that matters in this world. 
Give with utmost happiness. 
God is the most incredible wisdom. 

Love one another with all pure heart. 

God always provides an opportunity to renew our faith. It is just on us to grab that. 

When I am weak, I get strong with you, Lord – my fortress, my savior, my shield.

In this world of pain and suffering. God is always there with His promise.

With God’s wisdom, I can be wise by faith.

Love does not envy. Love is patience. 

Always be thankful to God for everything, big or small.

Life is a journey of suffering and trial. And at the end of the trip is the glory of God.

Our Lord, our great provider. 

Like a tunnel, we’ll experience a bit of darkness but in the end, is always a light that shines so bright.

No man is an island, it is better to accomplish things together rather by oneself only.
With all our hearts. Thank you, Lord, for the daily blessings that you showered upon us.

Reviving the soul is like being born again. Ready to follow Jesus.

Trusting in Him means a never-ending peace of mind. 
With Him, I will have no fear. I will feel safe and sound. 
Aim for the purpose, the reason why you are here on this Earth. 
Sharing even if you have less is a great sacrifice. And God will make it more than what you expect.
He who rules both heaven and earth.
Let your light shine upon us, especially in our darkest moments. 
Lord, we pray for those who oppress and harm us through your saving grace. 
Our Lord, our God, the great provider. 
The greatest friend we'll ever have is Jesus.
Having a grateful heart attracts miracles.
Spread the gospel of the Lord and be blessed.
Trust in Him with all our hearts.
Pray and thank the Lord that you already receive the blessings.
Our mission on this earth is to do good for God.
Grant us Lord peace - free from worry, numb from pain and struggles. Grateful for all your blessings.
Have faith and hope for better things to come in accordance.
Give, because your heart intended to do so. Not because you want eyes to please you.
Through Jesus' resurrection, the gate of Hope opens and the forgiveness of sins. 
God is our ultimate hope no matter how many obstacles and struggles we encounter. He serves to be our strength.
We all need to believe and have faith in Jesus in our darkest hours. And He will definitely show us the light that will lead our way out of the darkness.
His power is our worship. His strength is our faith. We praise you Lord with all our hearts.
No matter how heavy the burden as long as God is with me. I'll become as I can be.
Above anything else, prayers are the most beautiful gift that God has given us. Because He can provide us anything that He wants for us.
Pray. Ask and you shall receive. 

God first above anything else. And He will take care of the rest of our worries and problems.
If you accept Jesus, you already accepted God.
Shout to the Lord with unending praises.
Life is something that always needs to be celebrated. No matter how hard or happy the experience is, we should still be thankful. At the end of the day, there is God behind it.
Always remember that in every sorrow. there is an abundance of happiness and joy, as long as we are on Jesus' path.
Be wise by sharing God's words. And we will live with Him forever and ever. Amen.
Forgiving means setting yourself free from emotions burdening you to move on with your life. Compassionate means, you are setting yourself happy and the person you've forgiven. Like God has forgiven us.
Love is what this world needs. Love is God. God is love.
We live as witnesses of God's light in a world darkened by sin.
Blessed are thou by the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. 

God's love is fair for His people, so shall we do with our brethren. Love one another.
Mother Mary, full of grace. The Lord is with you. You bear a Son that will save the world.

Our savior, Jesus Christ.
God's grace is abundant. Everything we need is all with Him. Everything we lack and everything lacking in us. 
Keeping the laws of God is freedom and guidance of the Holy Spirit through Christ. 
I'll follow as you instructed and learn from your every teaching. And watch me every step of the way.
He will always be our eternal redeemer. Lord Jesus Christ, the only son of God.
Jesus is always there, waiting for us to invite Him to enter and be part of each and every one of us.
Lord Jesus, if following you is the best way to make my life complete with a purpose. Then let me be born again with you.
Do whatever is necessary today, and worry about tomorrow when it comes.
Lord, show us your plans. So we can abide by the purpose you have driven to our lives.
Love with utmost pure intention. Love felt from the heart. God loves us, and so are we to others. 
No love is greater than God's love. For He sent his only begotten Son to sacrifice for our sins.
Turn to God. Recognize our sins and feel remorse. Repent and seek forgiveness.
Be an inspiration to others with God by being true to yourself - pure, simple, and God-fearing.

Love will lighten your day. Forgiving your enemy will reduce the burden in our hearts. If it is hard to ignore, then pray for guidance.
Great are those who have showered wisdom - knowledge of the glory of God. 
When we feel anxious and down. And it seems the world is upon our shoulders. All we need is strength from God's love, cause his love never fails. Surrender ourselves to Him, and he will make our burdens as light as a feather.
Every kindness that is pure, has a corresponding value with Jesus. Feel kindness with pure intention, not the intent to please others' eyes.
Find peace with every people and let it within ourselves. Peace doesn't come to us, we need to seek it as God has given us.
Pray and have the confidence that God is there to fulfill our request. Just believe wholeheartedly without doubts. He listens.
Under God's authority means freedom, security, abundance, and grace.
Lead us, Lord. Show us the path that you want us to follow. Create in us a purpose. The life that you want us to be.
More than anything else. He is the great Lord, above and beyond.
Lord Jesus, moving forward I will follow you and share your words with everyone. I may struggle, but my faith in you will strengthen me to overcome those trials. The faith that you will never leave me as I embark on the journey that you want me to follow.
With time, energy, talents, and resources - administer His commandments, and we'll be blessed.
Being Christians, we are already armored. But to totally gain God's full armor, we must learn and live according to God's words - and that is the Bible.
God created all things for our enjoyment and pleasure. He doesn't want us to live and die for those earthly things or worship them. There shouldn't be no other gods before Him.
Thou shall not fear for God is always here.

God encourages us to face and be thankful for every trial and struggle of our life. That will strengthen and validate our faith in Him.
No matter how many trials and struggles we've encountered. The heaviest burden we've carried. We are still focused, undistracted, and stand firm to work for you, Lord. Because we believe that at the end of it all, our labor is worth rewarding.
Life abundant is a life full of joy and strength for the spirit, soul, and body.
Love overcomes all fears, because love is God. And God is powerful and He never abandoned all His faithful servants.
Pain and suffering are equivalent to the glory of God.
God is everywhere at the same time that everyone needs Him. He will never abandon us in our struggles and sorrow.
We submit to you Lord, all of our plans and intentions. And may our success also be of service to you.
We are bound to be a servant of God not of the things in this world. To be right with God, faith in Jesus is needed.
God's love is incomparable, he even sends Jesus to the cross just to have a foundation of devotion in love and honor to one another as Christians.
Lord God, with your guiding love and comforting presence, we will never be lost. With the Holy Spirit, you will know when and where we go.
Just seek the word of God when our soul is weary, and He will renew our strength and more strong faith.
We pray to God to restore faith, joy, and salvation. Cleanse us with your forgiveness and renewal of the Holy Spirit in each of us.
God always wants us to seek the truth because that is the only way to be on the same path as Jesus Christ.
Like driving, we focus on the road. In life, we must focus on Jesus Christ as our center and pathway toward God.
With God, there is always grace in every forgiveness.
There is no better protection than in God's dwellings, an everlasting place for our spiritual safety.
Lord, in everything I do, I prioritize you. Because I believe and have faith that the blessings will come in your perfect time.
Fear in the Lord is trusting Him with all her heart. Being charming and beautiful is having a pure heart which God truly loved. 
Whatever happened, good or bad, God wants us to be consistent in praying. Let us pray more and worry less.
All that we see on this earth is not permanent, what is above is eternity.
The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases. He is more than passionate to forgive us our sins as long as we have that faithful heart to repent and return.

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