Way to Express Me

Do you really know yourself?

Ever since I can identify, good from evil, it is then I figure out my talent in writing and creativity, and design is my passion. If some express themselves through sports, art, music, and all. For me I express myself through writing, when I’m depressed and lonely I can make poems when I’m happy I can make fictional fantasy stories, and when I am angry I criticize the government, and when I’m with my computer I can make blogs, different topics, experiences, and even personal encounters, everything, as my laptop recognizes the words I input, I can make my very own story.

Finally, I found this site, where I can totally express my deepest thoughts. Some are nonsense but for me it makes sense, we can’t please anyone. Some will agree, some will critique and some will laugh or raise their eyebrows. For me this is my blog, this is my way to express myself. If not amazed then be satisfied reading it.

Well, I’m just talking some nonsense about me. I am into art. Art has no boundaries. Limitless. As long as you can express yourself, you are in the trend.

Be who you are. Express your thoughts. Don’t be afraid to be criticized, you’ll definitely learn from it.

Challenge your inner beliefs. Don’t hide from your fears. If your mind says, you can do it. Just do it. Take it into action.

And lastly, love yourself first. Because that is the only time that you can learn to love others.

Success is not an overnight thing.

Glory always takes guts.

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About Me

I may be a novice by profession in the field of social media management and virtual assistance. But by heart and capability, I am an expert.

As long as I have a “can-do” attitude. I can be who I want to be.

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By heart, I am a poet and a songwriter. Although all these have been hidden for a long time. I want everyone to know that it is the talent that God had given me that I didn’t propagate. If given a chance I will now. Nothing is too late though. I know it.


I’ve spent almost 80% of my career in the BPO industry for the past 14 years doing calls, live chats, and emails. I’ve been promoted to back office support (Subject Matter Expert) and yet I feel that there is something missing in my career that I want to search for in other fields. And this is the only time I’ve decided to explore outside my comfort zone. Unknowingly, I’ve realized that I’ve been doing some social media tasks in the past.

I was introduced before to the WordPress website back in November 2010. After 12 years, I’ve revived it, thanks to Coach Ana of Freelance Academy, who enlightened me to awaken the skills I have had sleeping in the past 15 years since I finished journalism. I never practiced for my degree for a long time.

I’ve been creating graphics designs and quotes in the past as an expression of art. For the longest time, I never applied it as a skill for a job. During the pandemic, I was supposed to have opportunities to take advantage, but I did not. For the longest time, I was in my comfort zone, and I was a coward to accept challenges such as continuing my career and propagating the skills I have.

I need to retire my voice from phone calls. I need to enhance my creativity through content creation and doing Virtual Assistant tasks related to social media this time as a profession.

During the pandemic, I realized it is fulfilling to have a permanent work-from-home setup because I’ve learned to manage more time with my family without sacrificing the quality of the job. Now that the Internet is achievable wherever you are, I am definitely up to this challenge.

The path I am going to embark on is a journey I should have done before. Though regrets are always at the end, I still believe there is always what we call a perfect time, God’s time.

As the saying goes, follow your dreams, and they will take you there.

All I need to do is unpack my existing baggage with loads I might no longer need on my new journey. I am always willing to learn if it requires emptying my cup to refill with new knowledge I can obtain from this new adventure in my career life.

For, I believe in the “We” vision.
We shape our future.
We paint our destiny.
We count our existence.
We frame our success.


I am exploring a new horizon though I don’t have the experience I am willing to learn the best that I can. Learning SMM (Social Media Management) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is not your typical easy-to-learn skills  In my case I did repeat the training videos several times until I totally understood what it is all about.

The best learning is the actual application. It will be a waste of time if you keep learning and yet you don’t put it into action. There are some who wait to be hired to work and apply for training. For me, the best course is to personally apply what I learned in my own surroundings and thus I created this website to apply all my knowledge and skills. I even incorporate my talents, old and new though some I no longer have been doing if given a chance I will pursue it if I am destined for it.

This is the product of all the knowledge and skills I have learned. I am still eager to learn and have a hunger to gain more knowledge. And yet I am also open to feedback. I want to be criticized in all honesty because that is part of honing my craft.

Feel free to comment down below. Good or bad, I’m open.


Who doesn’t want a home? No one, everyone does. We all dreamed of a shelter, something where we can be comfortable and safe from the outside world.

That is my longtime wish to have a home I can call my own. All my life, I’ve been living from one place to another, with no permanent address. I’ve stayed in roughly more than 10 houses in the past 23 years since I moved out at the age of 18 from my childhood home. I need to move out because I need to study in college. I lived in various boarding houses and apartments, not to mention I stayed with my brother and his family. All that until I graduated and started working.

While working I availed the condo somewhere in Muntinlupa and after several months of paying, I found out that  I  wasn’t paying at all, in short, I got scammed. There is no one to blame but me, I wasn’t that very observant of what will be the consequences.

After that experience, I’ve been very careful, especially in dealing with things involving money. And yet no matter how careful you are, there are still things that come your way. As they say, life is full of uncontrollable happenings. I acquired a residential townhouse property, hoping that it will be a smooth transition of living however it is not what we expect should happen. We have no misses in terms of paying monthly amortization and yet the developer has been a little not-so-good to us. They provided promises of completing the house so we can move in once we completed the 10% downpayment which we did in a little more than a year but they failed to do that.

We have had this struggle for seven years of going back and forth to the office just to make them comply with their promises of expediting the completion of the house so we can move in but with no luck. And then there comes the pandemic, another excuse for them not to comply with the promise which we can’t argue with because it is a valid excuse.

We are already on 40% of the downpayment paid and after 7 years passed, finally the house is barely completed. But before that, we still encounter another worst experience, there are minor fixes on the house – the stairs cement steps have cracks, and the toilet has been used and abused. Not only that, they even do barbeque parties inside the house for we found a griller inside, something that is so disappointing. After seven years of waiting and yet these are the things that we will encounter. Once again, we confronted them again to fix everything – replaced the stair steps that have cracks and also the abused toilet bowl.

Our supposed budget for the house renovation the reason that it is bare turnover has been consumed during the pandemic. Though we can already move in however it will be possibly only me I need to have the house improved and secured before my family moves in. I might do some tasks that I am equipped to do like having the house painted and applying tiles.

That is our new struggle now is to have the house totally completed. And I believe that God will make it happen. He will provide us what we need to have this house become our home.