Something to share and show about how I love doing this craft. Feel free to explore and provide feedback. Each post has a story. With love and effort. I can create a simple logo within the day as long as I have the tools and available materials.


Me, Myself and I.

FB cover, email headers, email signatures, thumbnail, banner, CV, photo collage.

This is not an actual photo taken. This was assembled piece by piece using different images through the use of the RBG tool (remove background tool). Created for FB Cover.
Here is a sample of the email header. I choose the color combination of orange, blue, and indigo which complement each other.
My business logo.
Website logo
Logo for my music brand (RS Music)
Sample Logo 4

I’m looking for the best logo for my RS Music brand. Although I have my own bet I am still looking for other options. Vote for your best choice.

Sample Logo 1
Sample Logo 2
Sample Logo 3
Sample of my email signature. I used a Teal color to characterize my personality – quiet and calm yet assertive.
Logo for Into the Verse, quotes from Bible verses.
Youtube Thumbnail. I associate the word raw in creating the thumbnail which signifies nature. So I use outdoor elements. And the perfect color combination for this is green and brown.

Food, travel, lifestyle, and memories.

Food blogs/posters/, tour packages flyers, real estate ads, and lifestyle infographics.

It is not only the cake that is delightful here but also the overall content of the infographics.
Strong colors are needed for this design.
Here is another infographic. This might look comical but the content is a serious topic. My approach to critical information is to make it light.
I made this catchy flyer/ad to relay the involvement of the readers.
A promotional ad ‘Piso deal’ from one of the airline companies.

Property Postings

Real estate property postings, flyers, and ads.

I summarized the website content into one single flyer for social media posting purposes.
I focus on the message it conveys on this poster.

All about products and services.

Product listings, ads, promo posters.

Using the company brand color is advisable.
Matching a combination of colors is very important.
Plain minimalist design yet attractive and cool.
One of my sample applications was designed for a client back then.
Product image design for email automation content. I make this appealing to older people as the product is targeted at them.
Another sample design of product image for email automation content. Showcasing the concept of glam and sparkle.
The only pillow that you can step on and walk on comfortably. This is pleasantly appealing to men and women who want to have happy feet.
Just the basics with focus.

Make the most of the unforgettable.

Wedding invitation cards, gift cards, and greeting cards.

For this gift card. I use light colors, and then low to medium transparency on some graphics to emphasize the product. And also for less usage of ink for print purposes.
Wedding invitation sample for a client proposal who owns an Etsy store. I use a simple yet elegant design approach.
A unicorn-themed birthday card. This type of card was meticulously designed in detail.

Canva Design Challenge Entry

This is my entry for #CanvaDesignChallenge featuring Diamonds. Play along with color combinations.
Another entry for Design with Corn. #CanvaDesign Challenge
Waffle challenge entry. #CanvaDesign Challenge
Creative Puzzle Art – a combination of different arts puzzled as one picture. Sources from Canva.

Inspire and be inspired.

Photos with inspirational quotes and Bible verses. Perfect for Instagram and FB posts.

In the past years, I have already been doing infographics. Although those are from essential editing tools. Now that I have Canva, I’ll definitely create the best graphics. The sample above is one of my best designs. Most of those are found on my Instagram account: Hotguyrye_Insights

Instagramable Post
I love making quotes even just simple words.
Old Infographics. No Canva yet just plain Adobe Photoshop.
I created this to inspire.


Freelance Academy Marketing Ad ( Doodle Video). This is to thank the team for the very productive training. I’ll definitely share this training with everyone.

One of the doodle videos of created when I was still doing business with Toktok of JC Premier.

Sample proposal of the doodle video for a client. Sadly not considered, probably I don’t have yet the training and the portfolio by that time.

Another of my Siomai King and Toktok Business Marketing.

And more for my video editing skills.

The following are my old-times Tiktok compilation videos that exemplify my video editing skills and my awkward lip-synching and dancing talent.

Some food escapade – samgyusal with a mix of Korean and Japanese cuisine.
Instagram Reel
Lip-synching skills started here.
The awkward moment when you do the dancing with pa-cute steps.



Take the risks and never give up. Thank you for the music. @ellenonceagain #motivationalvideo #inspirational

♬ original sound – Ellen Once Again

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