By heart, I am a poet. Although all these have been hidden for a long time. I want everyone to know that it is the talent that God had given me that I didn’t propagate. If given a chance I will now. Nothing is too late though. I know it.

Art is the expression of yourself – words, lyrics, hymns, paintings. Don’t be afraid to manifest. As long as it won’t affect others, instead, promote yourself to be an inspiration, and even inspire others.

Before, I was afraid. I was shy to show or express what I feel. I’m hesitant to show the real me and what I have.

I love, I live and I know I will conquer soon. Follow your dreams, and believe in what God has given you. Have the courage to face the world against the unknown. Challenge yourself in what you can do, beyond what you already have done.

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At every moment I feel lonesome and sad, 
There is always one special thing I longed to look at;
For some, it may sound old uninteresting,
Deep inside it matters and will never be far gone.

Every people shares every moment caught in the act,
Which sometimes shows joy and happiness, cheers in fact;
Though some may flash unhopeful faces in tears,
And so are the wild adventures and unforgotten fears.

As I looked back at that small piece of memories,
Of people, places and happenings leave me nothing but reveries;
Some crazy friends, family togetherness, and even poses of me,
Are still shots of evidence that show how beautiful life can be.

There are takes of some old friends caught in their crazy stuff,
Reminds me of an event happenings were I do nothing but laugh,
There’s a graduation pose of our class as upcoming leaders of the future,
Oh, how happy those memories I treasure in an album of pictures.

So many memories left behind that I could never forget,
Faces I’ve met, places seen and visited I will never regret
Although seasons change and time goes by every moment made,
Pictures are still remembered as fragments of memories that will never fade.

About the Poem: This is about photos we always refer to as treasures of memories that we have from the past that we always look at each time we want to reminisce about the past happenings. It is always true that each time we look at a particular picture of a person, place, and event, it reminds us to smile at those happy times, cry at the sad moments, and giggle to some cute scenarios. That’s why I give a title, Fragments of Memories because if you combine all the pictures that we please it will picture out all the unforgotten memories each one we have.


I don’t want to waste another time 
To show how much I love you
Thinking that life is not for long
For eternity is not ours to own.

From this moment on
I want to spend my life with you
Give you my love and whatever I have
Just let me do it for you.

Let me share each moment to love you
Even if it hurts I won’t let go
I just want to stay always beside you
Hold your hands and feel your warm presence

Afraid to face tomorrow
That your light will fade away.
If only I can take away the pain
All the weary and vain

If only I can talk to God
To change his will on you
For him to give me another chance
To fulfill the emptiness in you

Just like yesterday
I don’t care for the consequences
My only wish is for you to stay
Please stay, don’t go away.

I swear to God I will do everything for you
Every second, every breath, I’ll be with you
Watch you when you sleep
And serve you as you wake up.

I won’t miss a thing
That I know I will regret forever
As for this moment
What matter most is you.

As long as there is still a chance to love you
I promised, I won’t let go


Almost all of our lives we’ve been into this wondering
Of all the twisted faith in life that happens,
People searching for direction whom to follow and believe
Their faith in one belief had been diversified need to be retrieve
From such foolish people acting like they’re the chosen one
Truth that they will came out from a moment and soon it’s gone.

Time to return to the only person whom we really belong
From the moment He give us life on this earth and live way along
Reality we can’t hardly accept, the truth we do never believe
Are simple facts of life that in Him, time to return and again receive
Though for some it will take much time and a long way process
Every positive thing worthily done leads to one self’s success.

Each given life has it’s own corresponding value and purpose
Maintaining the good things done and wrong ones be dispose
We should learn to embrace the reality of love and forgiveness
As He has done for us and for the entire world to be bless
Now is the right time for us to repent and return
Start within ourselves and let others follow and learn.

In this life He gave, the ultimate goal in the end is to be with Him
Contrary to the worldly ambitions of power, money and fame
The only legacy He can give to our children and the next generation
Are His purest love and everlasting life and devotion,
So it’s time to return, praise the source of eternal life and love
Who will forever reign with infinite power in the heavens above.

About the Poem: This poem remind us of our important relationship to God, our Creator, most of us today are lost on their way searching for the right direction on whose to believe and follow. Because there are many things and happenings in the surrounding that diverts our attention from being with Him, we need to classify what is right from wrong. All we need is someone who will lead and guide the majority to what is the right path, to God’s way and that’s what this poem is all about.


There was a day when I got nothing to do
I sat by the piano and pressed some notes that sounded blue,
But there isn’t any lively music that I know,
So I stand up and come near the window,
Damn, I’m bored I got nothing to do.

By the window there I saw,
A group of friends leaving for a mall,
So I sat by near a phone and have everyone a call,
But then again everyone is not home,
To surpassed boredom, I ran to my room,
Stand by the mirror, dressed up, and leave all alone.

But wait mom and dad are not here,
Where I can get my expenses and fare,
Sad and poor me staying home bored,
Such was the day only silence occurred,
Damn, I’m bored I got nothing to do.

I reach for the remote and sat,
Turn the TV on, choose a channel to look at,
But again there isn’t a good movie left to see,
Don’t know what to do for a bored little me,
But staring up at the ceiling seems I’m not free.

As I was sitting on the sofa with a face grind,
A great and fabulous idea came into my mind,
How about writing a poem about how the day matters,
And all the wonderful things that has to keep me better,
So I grab a pen and paper, think, and start a little later.


Long and winding
As if there is no end
A path that leads your way home
Reaching the horizon
As you look from afar
Smooth, rough, and rocky roads
Bound to bring one to the destination
Trees and bushes alongside
Pleases travelers to pass on
Peaceful like there is no passerby
Of those fast and rushing vehicles
Yellow parallel lines on the runway
Sign of a two-way direction
The mystery lies behind this piece of land
Witness tragic and historical changes
Of different events that happen
Cars racing, people strolling
This quiet road signifies a journey that never ends


Friend, It’s been so long
Since I was lost
In the place of nowhere
No direction, no destination
Don’t know where I’m going
I don’t know what I’m doing
Can you help me find myself?

Brother, It’s been so many years
That everything I started
Seems like it’s always been undone
No satisfaction, no fulfillment
Always in the world of despair
Regret is overwhelming
Can you help me find myself?

Father, it’s been sometimes
That I often messed up myself
Always in dilemma
No identity, no status
Running away, keeping on hiding
Afraid to face the reality
Can you help me find myself?

Lord, It’s been a lifetime
That I became a stowaway
Feels like the string is no longer attached
Seeking love, longing for guidance
Filling up the emptiness in me
I realized that there is something wrong
Without you
Can you search for me?


Remember back when we were young, 
You always leave me when I came around;
A moment my shadow reflects your sight,
You always dare to leave me just like many goodbyes.

Those days everyone appreciate your beauty,
I received no hellos from you not even pity;
I’m like a knight in my princess’s castle,
Discriminated but determined to defend you from any battle.

You don’t mind my love for so long,
I feel like an idiot following you all along;
Even though at times you insult me in the crowd,
But still, I love you and to myself I’m proud.

Remember those days you don’t mind my love,
Still, I’m certain about the feeling that I have;
No matter how hurt I am being degraded by you,
Seeing you every day makes my world happy and new.

Day by day I’m still wondering how you capture my heart,
To think I’m not meant for you turns me apart;
This love that I have for you has caused me pain,
Was not even recognized and now struggling in vain.

Desperate for chances that someday I’ll be with you,
Which seems like an illusion and now starts to feel blue;
Though at times I want to give up being a fool of your love,
Still, hope remains that someday, true love will be granted from Above.


Silly as it seems to dream of something!
Flying high above the sky over hills and clouds
Across oceans and seas passing through tornadoes and storms,
Racing with jet planes and running with the wind form,
Alluring eyes that light up like flaming fire
Walks ordinarily through walls and wires,
Dreams seem impossible for human
But not for a guy called superman.

Who is this guy they called superman?
The one with a steel-built body is strong and tough
Torn like paper a piece of metal handcuff,
Or have a simple blow like a whirlwind up high
Or possess a telepathic sense of approaching danger or spy,
An unusual man with an unusual gift of power
And strength to lift the world’s tallest tower,
All the abilities are capable by no one
Except for everyone’s undying hero, superman.

Were set in an illusion caused by our mind’s imagination
Whether this person exists in our world’s evolving situation,
Since the day the extraordinary child was born
Until the time he matures and starts to learn,
Part of his growth is this man’s influence
Seeking the truth of how he came into existence,
For everyone, he remains neither a mystery nor a bona fide
Whether a superman exists or just his other side.

Superman, yes a man exists
An ordinary person, a typical hero within me
A superman’s outer ability is my inner capability,
He is so strong with unbeatable strength that is extreme
I’m strong in heart to accomplish any impossible dreams,
He can fly up high to outer space and limitless skies
I can fly and soar high with endless ideas in my mind,
A man of speed who can run through timeless fury
I’m a person of time who used to value things worthy of history,
Thinking to myself the reality of this person came to be
That unknown to everyone the real superman is me.


Hey Cupid, are you joking,
With this special girl that I’m courting,
Is she the one that I’m searching for?
Or just someone presents when I’m dreaming.

Oh love, how mysterious you are,
Each time I wish upon a star,
It feels like heaven whenever I see,
Such a gorgeous lady beautiful and free.

By the moment we meet and she once stares,
A sudden feeling of thrill in my heart bares,
Am I really in love or is it just merry infatuation,
Whenever I enter this what we called a love-struck situation.

I can’t imagine nor understand, the dizziness of love,
With this lovely woman, I soon longed to have,
I admit I’ve been an idiot in everything,
But hey, we’re talking about love, so knowledge is nothing.

All I can say, generally, is that what I feel is true,
Crossed my heart, seek beyond reality, all this I meant for you,
To the woman, I want to be with facing the altar,
Who will be with me forever, together till eternity and afar?

In God, I swear that this is love at last,
That I s happening to a love story of a man, woman cast;
Seeking faith and true love from this moment start,
From a girl's attitude to a lady’s beauty to a woman’s heart.


Nearing the day special to me 
The call of the clock
It was reminding me of a pleasant day
Took me up to prepare
Wear my new clothes
Leave for an early church
Hear the mass and light a candle
Solemnly pray and whispers
This is the day.

I set forth and continue
Pass by a bakeshop, smell so sweet
Freshly baked birthday cake I bought
With greetings written and a few candles
Gently carry the box on my way home
Placed on the table on the terrace of memories
Then lighten up those little candles
Stared up, closed my eyes, and whispers
This is the day.

Alas, this is it, I smiled
Where surprising visitors will be present
Angels will be singing
And saints will be wishing
On this day I celebrate a birthday
Of a person gone far away
Someone so dearest to me
So impossible to be with forever
Eternal and happy moment, it is
This is the day.

The sky brightens up
Filled with white clouds
A sudden light wind came
Gently blows the candles
It cheers me up as I feel the wind embrace
I think God grants her wish
To visit and celebrate it with me
Then I look up to the sky
I smiled and whispered
Mother, this is your day
Happy Birthday

These are the local versions of my poem. I also wrote in Tagalog and Bisaya.


Pag ibig talaga’y sobrang labo
Hindi magkatugma nararamdaman ng dalwang puso
Ngayon mahal mo siya pero sa kanya ito’y wala
Bukas siya’y magpaparamdaman
Kung kailan siya’y kinalimutan na.

Dati’y wala akong kwenta sa paningin mo
Naiirita ka sa tuwing ako’y lumalapit sa’yo
Bawat bagay na bigay ko sa kaibigan mo lagi ang tungo
Naisip kong wala akong halaga sa’yo
Pero dahil sa lubos na pagmamahal
Tiniis ko ang lahat na ito

Ilang taon kitang sinuyo
Ilang beses mo rin akong binigo
Hanggang sa ako’y matanto sa pag ibig kong hindi totoo.

Pero ngayon heto ka
Nagsusumamong ikaw ay mahalin muli
Sa bawat oras ikaw ay nagtetext
Sa bawat sandali tawag mo’y naririnig
Lagi kong itinatanong sa’yo
Kung bakit ngayon pa,
Kung kailan may mahal na akong iba
Kung kailan wala na akong nadarama.

Dati’y bawat tawag ko’y dindedma mo
Hindi mo man lang magawang ako’y ngitian
Sa tuwing ikaw ay dumaraan
Sa sarili ko ako’y parang isang dingding
Na hindi magawang mapansin
Pilit kong tiniis yun, alangalang sa pag ibig ko
Pag ibig ko sa iyo na sobrang labo.


Sugod sa nagpuyo ko sa Cebu
Tanan sa akong panan aw mayo
Mga tawo alegre ug but-an kaayo
Didto ra makit an tinuod na amigo
Lahi ra jud kaayo ang Cebu
Mao na hangtud karon gimingaw ko.

Sa Cebu tanan butang di ka mapul an
Kay tungod sa mga lugar na maadtuan
Naa mag-jogging paduong Taoist Temple
Unya sa gabii sa Tops mag-relax
Sa mga tao na relihiyoso naa si Sto. Nino
Kinsay di makalimtan kay Magellan ug Lapu Lapu
Mga lugar na magpamingaw nako sa Cebu

Asa ka sa gamay na kwarta daghan ka mapalit
Dried mangoes, otap, pusit ug danggit
Kung presko na sud-an ganahan ka mutilaw
Adto bisita ka Sutukil; sugba, tula ug kilaw.


Taking risks can be daunting,
But without them, life is wanting.
We may stumble, we may fall,
But we must rise and stand tall.

Our dreams are worth the fight,
Even when the road is not quite right.
Failures are lessons we learn,
To help us grow and take our turn.

The journey may be tough,But our spirits must be rough.Let us not be afraid to try,And reach the stars up high.

For every loss and every gain,We must keep moving, not abstain.And when we finally reach our goal,Our hearts will be forever whole.